obeytehanime ([personal profile] obeytehanime) wrote2014-06-16 07:47 pm

rin x yukio

Yukio's pov
for weeks now rin, my brother has been stealing my boxers and it really bothers me, cause each weekend i end up having to buy new ones. when i confronted him about it,i didn't expect what happened next, he kissed me. Holy crap, Rin freaking kissed me! Me! The brother he despises! Well, i thought he despised me, i guess not. but that's not the point. He lumping kissed me - on the mouth! there was no tongue thank glob, but somehow i find myself wanting to go farther, heh like me, though, so genius yet so stupid- i had to go and say what he was doing was distasteful! it wasn't; actually, it tasted very good. why do i feel like- like he might truly love me, despite the rancor i've directed at him all of our lives. today was the day that we confessed that we liked each other.. a lot...
he asked me to be his bf.
Oh! well, i always wanted to go out with him, but, how would my pupils think of me? It is a triple whammy: i'm gay, dating *my own globbing brother*, and i dont know but there might be a slight problem in the fact that he's, um, oh yeah,son of the devil. no literally. stop laughing, im bein for real here man, it's not funny.
i lay on my bed alone, waving feet and arms wildly in the air. "What do i say? i honestly want to say yes, but nobody" (his crush, a girl named shiemi) "would ever accept this..accept me." i put all my body parts down and laid my face on a very soft blue pillow. rin's, that i borrowed (stole). "oh gob why is choosing an answer so lumping hard?" my frustration muffled into the pillow. "everyone else seems to do it just fine!" i gasped when i remembered something rin had taught me how to long ago when we were young children: "Maybe baking will help me think!"
3rd pov
He jumped off his bed and hurried for the kitchen passing shima (a friend of his) on the way. "hey, yukio, why are you running, you could trip and get hurt!" shima called.
"I'm going to the mess hall! Need to think! Don't bother me!"